Daly Smart Bms Home Energy Storage Lithium LFP/NMC Battery Pack 8S 24V 16S 48V 100A/150A 1A Active Balance Management System Parallel BMS

Short Description:

Home energy storage bms with UART/ RS485/ CAN ,Lithium LFP/NMCBattery Pack 8S 24V 16S48V 100A/150A 1A Active Balance Management System Parallel BMS, which can be connected to the PC master , LCD display and  Bluetooth APP to intelligently manage of the lithium battery. Supporting and customization inverter protocols.

Home storage bms features:
* Be integrated with interface board with one dry contact and four DIP switch, 10A parallel module, and 1A active balancer;
* Supports UART(Modbus), RS485, and CAN communication functions, can be used to monitor data and set parameters by PC software;
* Be compatible with the following inverter: Voltronicpower, Growatt, SRNE, Pylon, DeYe, SMA, Aiswei, Victronenergy, Must.
* Supports Bluetooth/Wifi module, using with SMARTBMS app, to monitor data, set parameters, choose inverter protocol, upgrade the BMS firmware and upload data to Daly Cloud(IOT platform) to check.

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