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DALY Intelligent Active Equalizing BMS Active Equalizer + BMS = Active Equalizing BMS Upgrade battery protection with active equalizing.

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User Manual

1.Download the communication software (APP SMART BMS on the mobile phone, computer -side upper machine software), and set the capacity (AH) of the battery pack to the correct capacity.
2.Search for "Smart BMS"in the mobile phone application market, download and install. (If you can't download it, please contact the store customer service).
3. After installing the APP, turn on the positioning and Bluetooth function of the
4.Open the APP, you can see the Bluetooth serial number (consistent with the serial number on the physical object of Bluetooth) in the first interface, click Bluetooth Enter the APP to enter the actual capacity of your own battery pack (XXAH), click the settings, enter the password 123456, the refresh capacity will be updated to the capacity you just entered.
5.After the capacity is set, the battery pack can be charged, the charging triggers the second -level overcharge protection, and the SOC will be automatically calibrated to 100%.
Remarks: The SOC adopts the ampere-hour integration algorithm, and the accuracy of the actual capacity of the battery pack will make the SOC accurate. In the parameter setting interface, incorrect parameter setting will cause the product to not be used normally. Customers can modify "protection parameters" and "temperature protection" according to their needs.

DALY Intelligent Active Equali7

DALY Intelligent Active Equalizing BMS

Smart Cell Safety and Balance
Intelligently manages the transfer of power be-tween cells, realizes the voltage balance of each cell, and improves the overall performance of the battery pack.

DALY Intelligent Active Equali3

Sensitive Detection

Intelligently Balanced At All Times Not limited by battery charging, discharging, static, sleeping, etc.,once the battery voltage value and voltage difference reach the setting conditions, the power transmission will be turned on intelligently until the voltage is balanced.

DALY Intelligent Active Equali12

Equalization of Power Transfer

Transfer power with O~1A current, non-internal resistance energy dissipation equalization and low heating, can be connected to the battery pack for a long time.

DALY Intelligent Active Equali23

Take a 16 strings battery pack as an example, after 6 hours of active equalization
Set the equalizing current to 0.6A, the voltage difference to 0.02V, and the number of string to be 16.

DALY Intelligent Active Equali6
DALY Intelligent Active Equali10
DALY Intelligent Active Equali9

Smart communication Real-time control

Both Smart BMS and Smart Active Cell Balancing BMS support communication protocol of UART and RS485,Can also connect to Mobile Phone with Bluetooth APP and computer with USB Cable,Real time monitor and set up all the battery information including balancing information.

DALY Intelligent Active Equali4

Strong Adaptability Convenient Assembling

The DALY Smart equalizer comes with free 18AWG cable to accurately gather voltage data, can be easily connected with battery packs and smart active equalizing BMS (both BMS and Active equalizer),terminal studs of Active equalizer and BMS are interconvertible.

DALY Intelligent Active Equali17
DALY Intelligent Active Equali24

Lithium standard is widely used

Suitable for Li-ion and LiFePo4 battery pack, simple plug can balance and protect each cell.

DALY Intelligent Active Equali18

Product specifications

Suitable for Li-ion/LiFePO4/LTO

DALY Intelligent Active Equali8
DALY Intelligent Active Equali11
DALY Intelligent Active Equali19
DALY Intelligent Active Equali20
DALY Intelligent Active Equali21

Product parameters (Equalizer)


Cable Connection Diagram

The wire routing for BMS of different brands varies. Use the matching cable.

Daly Smart Active Cell Balanc19

Connection sequence of BMS to battery:

※ Special note: Wires from different manufacturers is not universal, please make sure to use matching wires; B- and P- lines of different manufacturers have different colors. Please pay attention to the B- and P- marks.

1.Remember!! Do not insert BMS when welding the sampling wire.

2.The wiring starts from the thin black wire connecting the total negative terminal (B-),and the second wire (red line) is connected to the positive terminal of the first string of batteries, followed by the positive terminal of each string of batteries until the last string of total positive terminal (B+).

3.Do not directly insert the plug into BMS after the cable is connected,first measure the voltage between each two adjacent metal terminals on the back of the plug. The Li-ion battery voltage should be between 3.0~4.15V,LiFePo4 battery should be between 2.5~3.6V, LTO battery should be be-tween 1.8~2.8V, ensure the voltage is correct before the next operation.

4.Connect the B-wire of BMS (thick blue line) to the total negative pole of the battery(b-wire length should not exceed 40cm).

5.Insert the cable into BMS.

After wiring is completed:

1.Measure the battery B+ to B-voltage and B+ to P- voltage is equal(that is battery itself voltage and through BMS voltage is equal. The equal voltage proves that the protection plate works normally. If not, please check again according to the above wiring sequence.)

2.The positive terminals of charge and discharge terminals are directly connected to the total positive terminal (B+) of the battery. The connection mode of the common port BMS is that the negative electrode of charge and discharge is connected to the P-of BMS. The connection mode of the separate port BMS is that the negative pole of charging is connected at C-,and the negative pole of discharging is connected at P-.

Hardware active equalizer connection method

※ Special note: The active equalizer should match BMS with the same strings, and cannot be mixed in different strings.

1.Check and confirm all connection wires are welded correctly after BMS as-sembly is completed;

2.The wiring plug corresponds to the BMS plug and active equalizer plug. BMS plug and active equalizer plug can be used without distinction. Before starting BMS,ensure that the equalizing is properly connected and BMS is securely fixed to the cell. Before connecting BMS, ensure that the connection is correct. Otherwise, BMS may work abnormally or even burn down.

Finally, if you have any questions, please contact customer service to help you solve.

Corporate Mission

Dongguan Daly Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, integrating R & D, production and sales, and specilizing in the production of lithium battery protective boards, such as LiFePO4 BMS, NMC BMS, LTO BMS, which can be used to energy storage, electric vehicles, electric tools, electric wheelchairs, AGVs, and forklifts, etc. The specifications of Daly BMS are 3S - 32S, 12v-120v, and 5A-500A. Smart BMS, BT, UART, RS485, can, LCD and GPS are very popular in Europe, Asia and North America. We strive to continue to develop more high-tech BMS. Welcome to visit our company in person, and hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

● In 2019, DALY BMS established its brand. DALY BMS was the first in the industry to open a lithium e-commerce business school which provided public welfare training for 10 million people online and offline, and won wide acclaim in the industry.

● In 2020, DALY BMS took the advantage of the industry. Following the trend, DALY BMS continued to strengthen R&D development, manufactured the "high current," “fan type" protection board, obtained vehicle-level technology, and fully iterated its products.

DALY Active Equalizer Optional14

Scientific Research Master

 Bringing together eight leaders in the research and development of lithium battery protection boards (BMS), in the fields of electronics, software, communication, structure, application, quality control, technology, materials, etc., relying on bit by bit of perseverance and hard pursuit, cast a higher-end BMS.


Patent Certification

DALY Lithium battery protection board (BMS)has obtained a number of invention patents and a number of certifications at home and abroad.


Purchase Notes

DALY company engaged in R&D, design, production, processing, sales and after-sales maintenance of Standard and smart BMS, professional manufacturers with complete industrial chain, strong technical accumulation and outstanding brand reputation, focusing on create "more advanced BMS", strictly carry out quality inspection on each product, obtain the recognition from customers around the world.
Please view and confirm the product parameters and details page information carefully before purchasing, contact with online customer service if have any doubts and questions. To make sure you are buying the correct and suitable product for your use.

Return and exchange instructions

1.Firstly, Please carefully check whether it is consistent with the ordered BMS after receiving the goods.
2.Please operate in strict accordance with the instruction manual and the guidance of customer service personnel when installing the BMS. If the BMS does not work or is damaged due to misoperation without following the instructions and customer service instructions, customer need to pay for repair or replacement.
3.please contact customer service personnel if have any questions.

Delivery Notes


1.Ships within three days when in stock(Except holidays).
2.Immediate production and customization are subject to consultation with customer service.
3.Shipping options: Alibaba online shipping and customer's choice(FEDEX, UPS,DHL,DDP or economic channels..)

Product warranty: 1 year.
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What is the product warranty?

We warranty our materials and workmanship. Our commitment is to your satisfaction with our products. In warranty or not, it is the culture of our company to address and resolve all customer issues to everyone’s satisfaction

Do you guarantee safe and secure delivery of products?

Yes, we always use high quality export packaging. We also use specialized hazard packing for dangerous goods and validated cold storage shippers for temperature sensitive items. Specialist packaging and non-standard packing requirements may incur an additional charge.

How about the shipping fees?

The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods. Express is normally the most quickest but also most expensive way. By seafreight is the best solution for big amounts. Exactly freight rates we can only give you if we know the details of amount, weight and way. Please contact us for further information.

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