Industry blockbuster! DALY home storage BMS new launch sets off home energy storage technology revolution.

With the rapid development of society, science and technology continue to push the new, the products of all walks of life are constantly being upgraded and replaced. In the crowd of homogeneous products, to make a difference, undoubtedly need us to spend a lot of time, energy and financial resources to dig into technology and innovation. For BMS, which hundreds of millions of global users and industries rely on, it is more than ever the case.

In recent years, with the tide of home energy storage sweeping the world, China's new energy (including home storage lithium battery, home storage lithium BMS) industry is ushering in a key point of transformation and upgrading. As the pioneer of technology in the industry, DALY knows that the core technology of the product is the way to win the future market, which is also an important mission of DALY. Therefore, DALY will invest a lot of research and funds every year for the development of innovative technology, and to constantly refresh the height of the battery management system (BMS) technology.

Living up to the expectations of the public, DALY released a new upgrade of the home storage BMS in March, adding a number of innovative technologies! This upgrade release of home storage BMS has been a hot topic since its announcement. Once again, DALY has set off epoch-making changes in the BMS with technological innovation, occupying the technical highland and triggering industry-wide buzz.

 This time, DALY has specially carried out R&D for energy storage scenarios and launched a new and upgraded home storage BMS with several core technologies:

Core technology one: intelligent communication. It is with a two-way CAN and RS485, one-way UART and RS232 communication interface; compatible with the mainstream inverter protocol on the market, and can actively select the inverter protocol through cell phone Bluetooth, which is simpler and more convenient to operate.

Core technology two: patented parallel protection.  Integrated with 10A current limiting module, DALY BMS can support the parallel connection of 16 battery packs, allowing for safe expansion of home storage batteries to secure power usage.

Core technology three: multi-functional integrated design. It adopts intensive design to realize an integrated BMS by combining modules or parts such as communication, current limiting, durable SMD indicator, flexible large wiring terminal, and simple terminated B+ interface. The integrated assembly efficiency is improved by more than 50% with less fragmented accessories and convenient installation.

Core technology four:reverse connection protection. Can not distinguish charging line positive and negative, afraid of connecting the wrong line? Fear of causing damage to the device? It is no longer a problem to worry about with the unique reverse connection protection, even if you connect the wrong line. It helps to protect the lines and reduce the trouble of after-sales repair of home storage equipment.

Core technology five: strong pre-charge function. It is fast and safe by enhancing the pre-charging resistance power and supporting 30,000UF capacitor power-up, which makes the pre-charging speed 2 times higher than ordinary home storage BMS.

Core technology six: info traceability. The Daly home storage BMS has a massive storage function, which can store up to 10,000 pieces of battery data information, and the storage time is up to 10 years, which is convenient for later reference and traceability, and also provides convenience for troubleshooting.

Since its establishment, Daly has always insisted on independent innovation, constantly breaking through the technological boundaries of the BMS industry, empowering products with technology, and striving to meet people's yearning for safe use of lithium batteries. Aware that technology is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, Daly always adheres to independent innovation. Every technological breaks through the norms and constantly brings surprises to the industry and consumers.

Compared with other home storage BMS on the market earlier, the newly upgraded Daly home storage BMS has added a lot of unique innovative technologies, which is a strong proof of Daly's deep practice of "leading technology". Under the era of great changes and the mission of global green development, the BMS industry is no longer what it used to be. It is with the help of leading brands such as Daly that the entire industry is taking off at a high speed.

In the future, we have reason to believe that Daly will continue to empower the BMS industry with technology to promote the healthy development of the entire BMS industry. Under the leadership and promotion of Daly, more and more BMS peers have joined the army of new technologies and new product innovations, providing safer, smarter and more efficient lithium battery management systems for hundreds of millions of users around the world. 

Post time: Mar-20-2023