Dear all friends,


There is a notificationa about DALY SMARTBMS APP, please check it.

If you find the update button on your SMART BMS APP, Please do not click the update button. The update program is special for the customized prodcuts, and if you have customized products, please ask the customer service to confirm whether you need to update or not. Otherwise, please do not update your app program! ! !


If you have clicked the upgrade button, and finds there  is something wrong with the app.

 Firstly, please do not be panic, for it is recoverable, and it shall not infulence your BMS which can still work normally.

Secondly, please send email to daly@dalyelec.com for help,  we shall help you to recover the app.


We truly appologize  for any inconvinence this may cause to you.  And please contact us ( daly@dalyelec.com) if you need any help.

Your Sincerely



Post time: Jan-13-2023