Batch, remote and intelligent management of lithium batteries! Daly Cloud is online

The data shows that the total global shipment of lithium-ion batteries last year was 957.7GWh, a year-on-year increase of 70.3%.. With the rapid growth and wide application of lithium battery production, the remote and batch management of lithium battery life cycle has become an urgent need for relevant manufacturers and users. Based on this, after several months of R&D and testing, Daly has recently launched Daly Cloud.

What is Daly Cloud?

Daly Cloud is a web-side lithium battery management platform, which is a software developed for PACK manufacturers and battery users. On the basis of Daly intelligent battery management system, Bluetooth module and Bluetooth APP, it brings comprehensive battery management services such as remote control of batteries, batch management of batteries, visual interface, and intelligent management of batteries. From the point of view of the operation mechanism, after the lithium battery information is collected by the Daly software battery management system, it is transmitted to the mobile APP through the Bluetooth module, and then uploaded to the cloud server with the help of the mobile phone connected to the Internet, and finally presented in the Daly cloud. The whole process realizes the wireless transmission and remote transmission of lithium battery information. For users, For users, only need a computer with internet access to log in to Daly Cloud without the need for additional software or hardware.  (Daly Cloud website:

What are the functions of Daly Cloud?

At present, Lithium Cloud has three major functions: storing and viewing battery information, managing batteries in batches, and transmitting BMS upgrade programs.

Function of Daly Cloud:Storage and check the information of cells.

When the BMS memory is full, the real-time data of the lithium battery will still be updated, but the old data will be continuously overwritten by new data, resulting in the loss of old data.

With Lithium Cloud, the real-time data of lithium batteries will be uploaded to the cloud platform, including information such as SOC, total voltage, current, and voltage of single cells.

Real-time upload of lithium battery data requires the BMS and Bluetooth APP to be in working condition. The APP automatically uploads battery data every 3 minutes and only consumes 1KB of traffic each time, so there is no need to worry about high communication costs.

In addition to the real-time data of the battery, users can also manually upload historical fault information. The specific operation method is to open the "Data upload"  function of the APP, click the envelope icon in the upper right corner of the "Historical Alarm Interface", and select "Cloud  Upload" in the pop-up dialog box. With the data transmission and storage functions of Lithium Cloud, no matter where you are, you can check the battery information at any time to realize remote battery management.

Function of Daly Cloud: Manage battery packs in batches

The batteries of the same battery manufacturer will eventually be used by different users, and different users also need their own independent accounts to manage their batteries.

In view of this situation, you can set up a sub-account through the "User Management" of Daly Cloud, and then import the corresponding batteries into this account in batches.

The specific operation method is to click "Add Agent" in the upper right corner of the "User Management" interface, fill in the account number, password and other information, and complete the creation of the sub-account. Then, on the "device list" interface of the cloud platform, check the corresponding batteries, click "batch allocation" or "allocation", fill in the sub-account information, and complete the matching of different batches of batteries with corresponding users.

Moreover, sub-accounts can also set up their own sub-accounts according to needs, so as to realize the management of multi-level accounts and multiple batches of batteries.

As a result, in Daly Cloud, not only can you import the information of all your own batteries, but you can also import batteries into different cloud platform accounts in batches to realize batch battery management.

Function of Daly Cloud:Transfer BMS upgrade program

In the case of BUG in the BMS due to improper operation, or adding customized functions to the BMS, it is necessary to upgrade the BMS program. In the past, it was only possible to connect to the BMS through a computer and a communication line to complete the upgrade.

With the help of Lithium Cloud, lithium battery users can complete the BMS program upgrade on the Bluetooth APP of the mobile phone, there is no need to use a computer and communication lines to connect to the BMS. At the same time, the cloud platform will record the historical information of the upgrade.

How to use Daly Cloud?

After purchasing the Daly software battery managment system, contact the staff of Daly to obtain an exclusive account of Daly Cloud, and log in to the cloud platform using a computer with Internet access. Daly Cloud integrates a number of technologies to bring new services to lithium battery manufacturers and users, which will effectively improve the experience of using lithium batteries and improve the efficiency of lithium battery operation and maintenance management. In the future, Daly will further promote the upgrading of BMS software and hardware, provide the industry with richer and more convenient BMS products and services, and realize the safe and efficient operation of energy systems in power and energy storage fields.

Post time: May-02-2023