Company Profile: Daly, best-selling in 100 countries around the world!

About DALY

One day in 2015, A group of senior BYD engineers with the dream of green new energy established DALY. Today, DALY not only can produce the world's leading BMS in Power and Energy storage application but also can support different customization requests from customers. We believe that DALY will help China to achieve overtaking in the new energy industry and make greater contributions to the global energy & environmental crisis in the coming future.

At present, DALY has a mature industrial chain, strong technical strength, and extensive brand influence. With technological innovation, DALY has established a "DALY IPD integrated product research and development management system", and has acquired around 100 technologies patents. The products have passed the lS09000 Quality Management system, EU CE, EUROHS, US FCC, Japan PSE, and other certifications, and are sold well in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.


Vision: become the worlds leading new energy enterprise driven by technology

Mission: Innovation and intelligent technology to create a green energy world

Core Value

Respect: Treat each other as equals and respect each other

Brand: Excellent Quality and reputation

Sharing: Gain success, share fairly

Companions:  Move forward hand in hand with the same goal



Main Business and Products

Complete R&D and manufacturing processes for various customization requests

Support customization requests range from 3-48S, 10A-500A BMS in various fields

Structure customization: color customization, size customization

Hardware customization: function customization, parameter customization

Software customization: communication protocol, application program ( such as UART, RS485,CAN, Bluetooth APP,4G IOT-GPS,LCD, PC software)

Technology and Product Roadmap


General BMS

Faster,Stronger, More convenient


Smart BMS

Visual, Adjustable,Controllable



Parallel BMS

Five outstanding changes

Increase the battery capacity temporarily

Install battery flexibly as required

Battery pack modular stock sale

Replace the battery continuously

Separate battery to facilitate transportation

Active Balance BMS

Four core functions

Sensitive detection and full-time active equalization

Smart communication and Real-time control

Improve performance and delay deterioration

Equalization of power transfer

High Voltage 48S 200V BMS

33S-48S/60A-200A/100V-200V high voltage, for Li-ion/LifePO4/LTO

Efficient and Standard Production Process

Efficiency: Automatic equipment improves operational efficiency, Assembly line production mode

Standard: The workshop adopts a dust-free temperature-controlled, moisture.controlled and ESD-proof production environment, The quality system passed GB/T 19001-2016IS09001:2015 and IPC-A-610

Leading: The product adopts a special glue injection sealing process,Professional engineering. Quality and production teams continue to optimize products

Consistency: The smart and general BMS have passed the test of professional equipment,Quality control of each process


Product Qualification

Service and Support

3 Years Warranty

In order to thank our partners for their support, and to empower our partners to create more value, we will extend the warranty period from 1 year to 3 years for products returned by our partners (BMS only,excluding accessories and wiring ).

360 Service

For B2B customers, the Daly Custom-er-Focus team including the Project Manager, R&D team, and Sales team is responsible for project kickoff, product development and delivery, and after-sales service.

Global Partners

At present, DALY's overseas market accounts for about 70, and partners are located in more than 130 countries and regions on 7 continents with a global footprint.

Post time: Sep-14-2023