Daly BMS enters the field of home energy storage

Driven by the global "dual carbon", the energy storage industry has crossed a historic node and entered a new era of rapid development, with huge room for market demand growth. Especially in the home energy storage scenario, it has become the voice of the majority of lithium battery users to choose a home energy storage lithium battery management system (referred to as "home storage protection board") that is both internal and external. For a company with innovative technology at its core, new challenges are always new opportunities. daly chose a difficult but correct path. In order to develop a battery management system that is truly suitable for home energy storage scenarios, daly has prepared for three years.

Starting from the needs of real users, daly researches new products and new technologies, and has carried out milestone innovations, transcending the previous home storage protection boards, refreshing the public's category cognition, and leading the home storage protection boards into a new era.

Intelligent communication technology leads

daly home storage protection board puts forward higher requirements for intelligent communication, equipped with two CAN and RS485, one UART and RS232 communication interfaces, easy communication in one step. It is compatible with the mainstream inverter protocols on the market, and can directly select the inverter protocol for connecting through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, making the operation easier.

Safe expansion

In view of the situation where multiple sets of battery packs need to be used in parallel in energy storage scenarios, the daly home storage protection board is equipped with a patented parallel protection technology. The 10A current limiting module is integrated in the daly home storage protection board, which can support the parallel connection of 16 battery packs . Let the home storage battery safely expand the capacity and use electricity with peace of mind.

Reverse connection protection, safe and worry-free

Can't tell the positive and negative of the charging line, afraid of connecting the wrong line? Are you afraid of damaging the equipment by connecting the wrong wires? In view of the above-mentioned situations that tends to occur in the home storage usage scene, the protection board of daly home storage has set up a reverse connection protection function for the protection board. Unique reverse connection protection, even if the positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly, the battery and protection board will not be damaged, which can greatly reduce after-sales problems.

Quick start without waiting

The pre-charging resistor can protect the main positive and negative relays from being damaged due to overcurrent heat generation, and it is also a very important part in the energy storage scenario. This time, daly has enhanced the pre-charging resistance power and supports 30000UF capacitors to be powered on. While ensuring safety, the pre-charging speed is twice as fast as that of ordinary home storage protection boards, which is truly fast and safe.

Quick assembly

 Due to the variety of functions of most home storage protection boards, there will be many accessories and various communication lines that need to be equipped and purchased. The home storage protection board launched by daly this time provide a solution for  this situation. It adopts an intensive design and integrates modules or components such as communication, current limiting, durable patch indicators, flexible wiring large terminals, and simple terminal B+ interface. There are fewer scattered accessories, but the functions only increase, and the installation is easy and convenient. According to the test of Lithium Lab, the overall assembly efficiency can be increased by more than 50%.

Information traceability, data carefree

The built-in large-capacity memory chip can store up to 10,000 pieces of historical information in a time-sequential overlay, and the storage time is up to 10 years. Read the number of protections and the current total voltage, current, temperature, SOC, etc. through the host computer, which is convenient for breakdown maintenance of long-life energy storage systems.

Innovative technologies will eventually be applied to products to benefit more lithium battery users. Speaking of the above functions, daly not only solves the existing pain points of the home energy storage scene, but also makes up for the potential difficulties of the energy storage scene with profound product insights, advanced technical vision and strong R&D and innovation capabilities. Only by focusing on users and focusing on technological innovation can we create truly "Cross-era" products. This time, the brand-new upgrade of the Lithium home storage protection board has been launched, allowing everyone to see new possibilities for the home storage scene, and to meet everyone's new expectations for the future smart life of lithium batteries. As an innovative enterprise focusing on new energy battery management systems (BMS), daly has always insisted on "leading technology", and is committed to raising the efficacy of battery management systems to a new level with breakthrough underlying technological innovations. In the future, daly will continue to promote the battery management system to achieve technological innovation and upgrading, help accelerate the high-quality development of the industry, and bring more new power of technology to lithium battery users.

Post time: May-07-2023