DALY BMS for Energy Storage

Elon Musk: Solar energy will be the number one energy source in the world.

The solar energy market is growing rapidly. In 2015,  Elon Musk predicted that after 2031, solar energy will be the number one energy source in the world. Musk also proposed a way to achieve leapfrog development of the energy industry in developing countries through solar panels + energy storage batteries. For example, in some areas where there is no electricity supply, solar energy can be directly used to achieve "electricity".

DALY BMS for Energy Storage

The rapid development of solar energy also brings development opportunities to another renewable industry: the BMS (Battery Management System) industry. As one of the leaders in the BMS industry, DALY also keeps up with the trend of the times and provides supporting BMS solutions for energy storage systems.

In order to keep up with the development of solar energy storage, our products are constantly updated, and we have launched a complete set of BMS energy storage solutions, including Smart BMS, Bluetooth, interface board, Parallel Module, Active Equalizer, and display screen.


Smart BMS  Compatible with NMC (Li-ion) battery, LiFePo4 battery, and LTO battery,  is able to intelligently monitor the condition of the BMS and battery with 3 communication functions, UART/RS485/CAN.

Interface board  Achieve communication with a variety of inverter  protocols, such as Growatt, Pylon, SRNE, SOFAR, Voltronic Power, Goodwe, Must, and so on~

Parallel Module  Achieve the parallelization of lithium battery packs and limit the inter-charging current between adjacent battery packs.

Active Balancer  Reduce the voltage difference between battery cells with 1 current and prolong the battery usage life.

Display Screen  Achieve communication with BMS, monitor and display the condition of batteries.


Bms in Battery



Post time: Nov-05-2022