DALY will participate in the 15th Shenzhen International Battery Fair from May 16th to 18th. Welcome everyone to visit us.

Time: May 16-18

Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

Daly Booth: HALL10 10T251

China International Battery Fair (CIBF) is an international regular meeting of the battery industry sponsored by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association. It is a large-scale exhibition event in the international battery industry, including a series of activities such as exhibitions, technical exchanges, information conferences, and business fairsIt is the first brand exhibition in the battery industry to be protected by trademark registration. The CIBF exhibition is an important window for the world to understand the battery industry, and it is also an important bridge and platform for Chinese battery industry chain enterprises to connect with the global industry. DALY BMS, as one of the largest battery management system (BMS) manufacturers in China, has more than 800 employees, a production workshop of 20,000 square meters, and more than 100 R&D engineers. And its products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions. Daly will be decided to be invited to participate in the Shenzhen International Battery Fair from May 16th to 18th. Welcome to the booth.


Currently, our product range can support all different types of battery packs including NCA, NMC, LMO, LTO, and LFP BATTERY PACKS. BMS can support up to 500A current, 48S battery pack. Our competitive products are SMART BMS,  BMS for home storage,  BMS for car starting,  BMS with Pack parallel module,  BMS with active equalizer, and DALY Cloud.

The function of SAMRT BMS:

Through three communication methods UART, RS485 and CAN to monitor and transmit data such as battery voltage and current. It can be connected to the host computer, Bluetooth, touchable display, power display, and most mainstream inverters, without additional inverter protocol development costs. In addition, SMART BMS can also change parameter values ​​according to user needs, such as changing the opening value of overcharge voltage protection or over-discharge voltage protection, changing the starting voltage value of the equalization function, changing the value of overcurrent protection, etc.

The function of BMS for home storage

Intelligent communication technology

Daly home storage protection board is equipped with two CAN and RS485, one UART and RS232 communication interfaces, easy communication in one step. It is compatible with the mainstream inverter protocols on the market. Such as Victron, DEYE, China Tower, etc.

Safe expansion

In view of the situation where multiple sets of battery packs need to be used in parallel in energy storage scenarios, the Daly home storage protection board is equipped with a patented parallel protection technology. The 10A current limiting module is integrated into the Daly home storage protection board, which can support the parallel connection of 16 battery packs. 

Reverse connection protection, safe and worry-free

Unique reverse connection protection, even if the positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly, the battery and protection board will not be damaged, which can greatly reduce after-sales problems.

Quick start without waiting

Daly has enhanced the pre-charging resistance power and supports 30000UF capacitors to be powered on. While ensuring safety, the pre-charging speed is twice as fast as that of ordinary home storage protection boards, which is truly fast and safe.

Information traceability, data carefree

The built-in large-capacity memory chip can store up to 10,000 pieces of historical information in a time-sequential overlay, and the storage time is up to 10 years. Read the number of protections and the current total voltage, current, temperature, SOC, etc. through the host computer, which is convenient for troubleshooting and long-life energy storage systems.

The function of BMS for car starting

High current BMS

The Daly car-starting BMS can withstand super-large currents, with a maximum continuous current of up to 150A and a maximum peak current of 1000A-1500A for 5 to 15 seconds. This characteristic makes the BMS have better starting ability, which can ensure the normal start of the vehicle.

Strong heat sink ability

At the same time, in order to better protect the battery and the BMS, the Daly car-starting BMS adopts an aluminum substrate PCB and an aluminum alloy heat sink scheme. This design has an excellent heat dissipation effect and can effectively reduce the temperature of the entire system.

Smaller size

Compared with traditional BMS, the size of the Daly car-starting BMS is smaller and more suitable for battery pack installation. In the design process, engineers considered the layout of the entire system, better-utilized space, and made the product lighter and more compact.

Press the key to force the start function

In addition, the BMS also has a one-button strong start-up function. Through physical buttons or mobile APP (SMART BMS), users can activate the under-voltage voltage with one click, realize emergency power supply for 60 seconds, and ensure the smooth start of the truck under extreme conditions.

Excellent low and high-temperature resistance  

Cold weather always reduces battery capacity and efficiency, and it is also easy to have start attenuation problems in low-temperature conditions. In order to solve this problem, the Daly car-startingBMS adopts an innovative design of electrolytic capacitor-free. This design can start without fear of low-temperature attenuation in low-temperature environments, and there is no risk of electrolytic capacitor leakage. In the temperature range of -40℃ to 85℃, the BMS can be used normally.


The function of the parallel module

The parallel current limiting module is specially developed for the PACK parallel connection of the Lithium battery Protection Board. It can limit the large current between PACK due to internal resistance and voltage difference when PACK is parallel connected, effectively ensuring the safety of the cell and the protection plate.

Easy installation,  Good insulation, stable current, high safety, Ultra-high reliability testing

The shell is exquisite and generous, has a full-enclosed design, waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, extrusion-proof, and other protective functions

The function of the active balancer for BMS

Because the battery capacity, internal resistance, voltage, and other parameter values are not completely consistent, this difference causes the battery with the smallest capacity to be easily overcharged and discharged during charging, the smallest battery capacity becomes smaller after damage, entering a vicious cycle. The performance of a single battery directly affects the charge and discharge characteristics of the whole battery and the reduction of the capacity battery.BMS without a balance function is just a data collector, which is hardly a management system.BMS active equalization function can realize the maximum continuous 1A equalization current.

Transfer the high-energy single battery to the low-energy single battery, or use the whole group of energy to supplement the lowest single battery. During the implementation process, the energy is redistributed through the energy storage link, so as to ensure the battery consistency to the greatest extent, improve the battery life mileage and delay the battery aging.

The function of DALY Cloud

Daly Cloud is a web-side lithium battery management platform, which is a software developed for PACK manufacturers and battery users. On the basis of the Daly intelligent battery management system, Bluetooth module, and Bluetooth APP, it brings comprehensive battery management services such as remote control of batteries, batch management of batteries, visual interface, and intelligent management of batteries. From the point of view of the operation mechanism, after the lithium battery information is collected by the Daly software battery management system, it is transmitted to the mobile APP through the Bluetooth module, and then uploaded to the cloud server with the help of the mobile phone connected to the Internet, and finally presented in the Daly cloud. The whole process realizes the wireless transmission and remote transmission of lithium battery information. For users, For users, only need a computer with internet access to log in to Daly Cloud without the need for additional software or hardware.  (Daly Cloud website: http://databms.com)

Storage and check the information of cells, Manage battery packs in batches, Transfer BMS upgrade program.


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