New product|5A active balancing module makes lithium batteries easier to use and last longer

There are no two identical leaves in the world, and there are no two identical lithium batteries.

Even if batteries with excellent consistency are assembled together, differences will occur to varying degrees after a period of charge and discharge cycles, and this difference will gradually increase as the use time is extended, and the consistency will become worse and worse - between batteries The voltage difference gradually increases, and the effective charge and discharge time becomes shorter and shorter.


In a worse case, a battery cell with poor consistency may generate severe heat during charging and discharging, or even thermal runaway failure, which may cause the battery to be completely scrapped, or cause a dangerous accident.

Battery balancing technology is a good way to solve this problem.

The balanced battery pack can maintain good consistency during operation, the effective capacity and discharge time of the battery pack can be well guaranteed, the battery is in a more stable attenuation state during use, and the safety factor is greatly improved.

In order to meet the individual needs of active balancer in different lithium battery application scenarios, Daly launched a 5A active balancer module on the basis of the existing 1A active balancer module.

5A balanced current is not false

According to the actual measurement, the highest balancer current that can be achieved by the Lithium 5A active balancer module exceeds 5A. This means that 5A not only has no false standard, but also has a redundant design.

The so-called redundant design refers to adding redundant components or functions in a system or product to improve the reliability and fault tolerance of the system. If there is no product concept of demanding quality, we will not design products like this. This cannot be done without the backing of technical prowess well above average.

Because of the redundancy in over-current performance, when the battery voltage difference is large and rapid balancing is required, the Daly 5A active balancing module can complete the balancing at the fastest speed through the maximum balancing current, effectively maintaining the consistency of the battery. , improve battery performance, and prolong battery life.

It should be noted that the equalizing current is not continuously greater than or equal to 5A, but usually varies between 0-5A. The larger the voltage difference, the larger the balanced current; the smaller the voltage difference, the smaller the balanced current. This is determined by the working mechanism of all energy transfer active balancer.

Energy transfer active balancer

Daly active balancer module adopts an energy transfer active balancer, which has the outstanding advantages of low energy consumption and less heat generation.

Its working mechanism is that when there is a voltage difference between the battery strings, the active balancer module transfers the energy of the battery with high voltage to the battery with low voltage, so that the voltage of the battery with high voltage decreases, while the voltage of the battery with low voltage rises. High, and finally achieve pressure balance.

This balancer method will not have the risk of overcharging and over discharging, and does not require an external power supply. It has advantages in terms of safety and economy.

On the basis of conventional energy transfer active balancer, Daly combined with years of professional battery management system technology accumulation, further optimized and obtained national patent certification.


Independent module, easy to use

Daly active balancing module is an independent working module and is wired separately. Regardless of whether the battery is new or old, whether the battery has a battery management system installed or whether the battery management system is working, you can directly install and use the Daly active balancing module.

The newly launched 5A active balancing module is a hardware version. Although it does not have intelligent communication functions, the balancing is turned on and off automatically. There is no need for debugging or monitoring. It can be installed and used immediately, and there are no other cumbersome operations.

For ease of use, the socket of the balancing module is designed to be fool-proof. If the plug does not correctly correspond to the socket, it cannot be inserted, thus avoiding damage to the balancing module due to incorrect wiring. In addition, there are screw holes around the balancing module for easy installation; a high-quality dedicated cable is provided, which can carry 5A balancing current safely.

Both talent and appearance are up to Daly-style

All in all, the 5A active balancing module is a product that continues Daly's "talented and beautiful" style.

"Talent" is the most basic and important standard for battery pack components. Good performance, good quality, stable and reliable.

"Appearance" is the never-ending pursuit of products that exceed customer expectations. It needs to be easy to use, easy to use, and even pleasing to use.

Daly firmly believes that high-quality lithium battery packs in the field of power and energy storage can be icing on the cake with such products, exert better performance, and win more market praise.

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Post time: Sep-02-2023