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Short Description:

DALY Active Equilibrium BMS Active Equalizer+BMS=Active Equilibrium BMS Upgrade the protection of the cell with active equalization. Balance current:0~1A Application:3-10S Li-ion/LiFepo4 battery pack

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

1365 (1)
1365 (2)

Sensitive Detection Full Time Active Equalization It will not be restricted by battery charging, discharging, static, dormant state, etc. Once the cell voltage triggers the active equalization, it can automatically start power transmission until voltage equalizing.

DALY Active Equalizer Optional9

Improve performance Delay deterioration

Realize energy transfer between cells, prevent premature deterioration of some cells, so that the overall battery pack power stronger and more stable.

DALY Active Equalizer Optional3

Equalization of Power Transfer

Transfer power with O~1A current, non-internal resistance energy dissipation equalization and low heating, can be connected to the battery pack for a long time.

DALY Active Equalizer Optional7

Take 4 battery packs as an example, actively balanced before and after effects

DALY Active Equalizer Optional4

Strong adaptability convenient assembly

The Daly active equalizer BMS comes with a 18AWG wire, which can accurately collect voltage, easily plug in the battery pack and the Active Equilibrium BMS (including BMS and active equalizer), and the cable ends of the Active Equalizer and BMS are interchangeable plugged in.


More parts are optional In addition to the wires, you can choose the NTC. soft switch/weak current switch, portable GPS or square GPS as needed.


Lithium standard is widely used

Suitable for Li-ion and LiFePo4 battery pack, simple plug can balance and protect each cell.


Product specifications

Active equalization is suitable for 3-10s, and suitable for Li-ion and LiFePo4 batteries.


BMS is suitable for 3-10s and suitable for Li-ion and LiFePo4 batteries.
Note: Active Equalizer size are width * length* thickness


Product parameters

DALY Active Equalizer Optional8

Cable Connection Diagram

The wire routing for BMS of different brands varies. Use the matching cable.


Connection sequence of BMS to battery:
※ Special note: Wires from different manufacturers is not universal, please make sure to use matching wires; B- and P- lines of different manufacturers have different colors. Please pay attention to the B- and P- marks.
1.Remember!! Do not insert BMS when welding the sampling wire.
2.The wiring starts from the thin black wire connecting the total negative terminal (B-),and the second wire (red line) is connected to the positive terminal of the first string of batteries, followed by the positive terminal of each string of batteries until the last string of total positive terminal (B+).
3.Do not directly insert the plug into BMS after the cable is connected,first measure the voltage between each two adjacent metal terminals on the back of the plug. The Li-ion battery voltage should be between 3.0~4.15V,LiFePo4 battery should be between 2.5~3.6V, LTO battery should be be-tween 1.8~2.8V, ensure the voltage is correct before the next operation.
4.Connect the B-wire of BMS (thick blue line) to the total negative pole of the battery(b-wire length should not exceed 40cm).
5.Insert the cable into BMS.
After wiring is completed:
1.Measure the battery B+ to B-voltage and B+ to P- voltage is equal(that is battery itself voltage and through BMS voltage is equal. The equal voltage proves that the protection plate works normally. If not, please check again according to the above wiring sequence.)
2.The positive terminals of charge and discharge terminals are directly connected to the total positive terminal (B+) of the battery. The connection mode of the common port BMS is that the negative electrode of charge and discharge is connected to the P-of BMS. The connection mode of the separate port BMS is that the negative pole of charging is connected at C-,and the negative pole of discharging is connected at P-.
Hardware active equalizer connection method
※ Special note: The active equalizer should match BMS with the same strings, and cannot be mixed in different strings.
1.Check and confirm all connection wires are welded correctly after BMS as-sembly is completed;
2.The wiring plug corresponds to the BMS plug and active equalizer plug. BMS plug and active equalizer plug can be used without distinction. Before starting BMS,ensure that the equalizing is properly connected and BMS is securely fixed to the cell. Before connecting BMS, ensure that the connection is correct. Otherwise, BMS may work abnormally or even burn down.
Finally, if you have any questions, please contact customer service to help you solve.

Corporate Mission

Innovating intelligent technology, and creating a clean green energy world.

DALY Active Equalizer Optional14

Patent Certification

DALY Lithium battery protection board (BMS)has obtained a number of invention patents and a number of certifications at home and abroad.


Purchase Notes

DALY company engaged in R&D, design, production, processing, sales and after-sales maintenance of Standard and smart BMS, professional manufacturers with complete industrial chain, strong technical accumulation and outstanding brand reputation, focusing on create "more advanced BMS", strictly carry out quality inspection on each product, obtain the recognition from customers around the world.
Please view and confirm the product parameters and details page information carefully before purchasing, contact with online customer service if have any doubts and questions. To make sure you are buying the correct and suitable product for your use.

Return and exchange instructions

1.Firstly, Please carefully check whether it is consistent with the ordered BMS after receiving the goods.
2.Please operate in strict accordance with the instruction manual and the guidance of customer service personnel when installing the BMS. If the BMS does not work or is damaged due to misoperation without following the instructions and customer service instructions, customer need to pay for repair or replacement.
3.please contact customer service personnel if have any questions.

Delivery Notes

1.Ships within three days when in stock(Except holidays).
2.Immediate production and customization are subject to consultation with customer service.
3.Shipping options: Alibaba online shipping and customer's choice(FEDEX, UPS,DHL,DDP or economic channels..)


Product warranty: 1 year.
Picture 18

Usage tips

1. The BMS is a professional accessory. Many operating errors will result in
product damage, so please follow the instructions manual or wiring video tutorial for compliance operation.
2. Strictly forbidden to reversely connect the B- and P- cables of the BMS,
forbidden to confuse wiring.
3.Li-ion, LiFePO4 and LTO BMS are not universal and incompatible, mixed
use is strictly prohibited.
4.BMS only be used on battery packs with the same strings.
5.It is strictly forbidden to use the BMS for over-current situation and unreasonably configure the BMS. Please consult customer service if you don't know how to choose the BMS correctly.
6. Standard BMS are prohibited from being used in series or in parallel connection. Please consult customer service for details if it is necessary to use in parallel or series connection.
7. Forbidden to disassemble the BMS without permission during use. The BMS does not enjoy the warranty policy after privately dismantling.
8. Our BMS has waterproof function. Because of these pins are metal, forbidden to soak in water to avoid oxidation damage.
9. Lithium battery pack needs to be equipped with dedicated lithium battery
charger, other chargers cannot be mixed to avoid voltage instability etc. lead to the breakdown of the MOS tube.
10.Strictly forbidden to revise the special parameters of Smart BMS without
permission. Pls contact customer service if you need to modify it. After-sales service cannot be provided if the BMS was be damaged or locked due to unauthorized parameters modification.
11. The use scenarios of the DALY BMS include: Electric two-wheeled bicycle,
forklifts, tourist vehicles, E-tricycles, low speed Four-wheeler, RV energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, home and outdoor energy storage and etc. If the BMS needs to be used in special conditions or purposes, as well as customized parameters or functions, please consult customer service in advance.

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