Smart BMS

In the era of intelligent information, DALY smart BMS came into being.

Based on the standard BMS, the smart BMS adds MCU (micro control unit) . A DALY smart BMS with communication functions not only has the powerful basic functions of the standard BMS, such as overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, etc., but also can easily realize intelligence through writing and customizing software programs, intuitively master or even modify parameters of the battery.

DALY smart BMS can match the lithium battery with 3~48 strings.

The DALY smart BMS is equipped with Bluetooth, through which it can be connected with the  SMARTBMS APP to easily realize the visualization of battery data and change the parameters of lithium battery packs according to our requirements to fully achieve intelligence.

In addition, the multi-module interface of the smart BMS can support the customization of related intelligent accessories to realize the function expansion of smart BMS. For example, with customized power board, we can activate the BMS and also see the SOC of the battery pack. With customized UART, 485, CAN, etc. for communication, we can intuitively see or modify battery data on the PC Soft and LCD screen.

In addition, an IOT allows us to easily monitor the location of the lithium battery pack. In DALY , we can customize Key Switch which can control the battery charge and discharge MOS, and control the activation and hibernation of the battery pack. With the help of parallel module which can limit the high-current inter-charging between parallel battery packs, the smart BMS enables the safe parallelization of the lithium battery packs. With the customized buzzer which can give timely warning, we can perceive the glitches of the lithium battery at the first place.

DALY R&D team insists on innovation and continuously develops intelligent and convenient programs to maintain a stable communication system.

Choose DALY high-end smart BMS to enjoy a wonderful experience and insight into the battery status in real time.

Post time: Sep-08-2022