DALY New Product 3-inch touch screen is coming !

Product Description 

The new product named the 3.0-inch touch screen is used to display the voltage, current, temperature, and SOC (State of Charge) of the battery. Like all the touch screens we have in DALY, there is a button on the screen, we can press the button to wake up the screen, and hold down the button for 5 seconds to switch the screen to sleep. We can also activate the BMS to start working by pressing the button. 

Function description

1. SOC display. The new product will show how much power of the battery is left.

2. Achieve real-time monitoring. The current, voltage, temperature, charging and discharging state of the battery all can be displayed on the screen.

3. Activation function. There is a button on the screen and press the button to activate the display screen or the BMS.

4. Compatible with UART/ RS485 communications, the new touchscreen can connect with Bluetooth, smart BMS app, and PC SOFT to achieve real-time monitoring.

5. Dust-proof, anti-static, and anti-extrusion appearance design to protect the internal electric components.



Product specification

Type: VA screen

Interface: UART/RS485

Product size:84 * 42(mm)

Display size:67(W) *39(H)(mm)

Operating temperature:-20°C ~ 70°C

Storage temperature:-30°C ~ 80°C

Operating voltage:6V~12V

Working power consumption:0.324W

Sleep power consumption:0.108W

Post time: Nov-01-2022