Standard BMS

BMS (Battery Management System) is an indispensable centralized commander of lithium battery packs. Every lithium battery pack needs the protection of BMS. DALY standard BMS, with a continuous current of 500A, is suitable for li-ion battery with 3~24s, liFePO4 battery with 3~24s and LTO battery with 5~30s, and it can meet the needs of a variety of application scenarios, such as electric vehicles, electric tools, and outdoor storage,etc.

DALY standard BMS has many basic and powerful protective functions, which can effectively prevent lithium battery overcharge (excessive voltage caused by overcharge), over discharge (battery deactivation caused by over-discharge of lithium battery), short circuit (short circuit caused by direct connection between positive and negative electrodes), over-current (damage to battery and BMS caused by excessive current flow), over temperature and under temperature (Too high or too low working temperature causes decreased activity and low working efficiency of the lithium battery). In addition, the standard BMS also has the balancing function, which can effectively reduce the voltage difference between every battery cells, so as to increase battery cycles and effectively prolong the battery using life.

Except the basic protective functions, DALY standard BMS also has its unique advantages in other aspects. DALY standard BMS uses high-end components, such as MOS tubes, which can withstand higher peak current, higher voltage, and it has more efficient and accurate on-off control. Supported by the industry's leading professional plastic injection, it is waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof, antifreeze and anti-static, and has passed many safety tests perfectly. Convenient buckle design and preset screw hole position make the BMS convenient to install and disassemble; High-current copper plates and wave type heat sink and silicone heat conducting strip increase the speed of heat dissipation; and the exclusive supporting cables enable more accurate and effective voltage collection.

With elaborate manufacturing, DALY can meet your different requirements on lithium batteries.

Post time: Sep-08-2022