Smart NMC BMS 13S 14S 16S 17S 30A-250A common port

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Daly has moved forward to a new chapter and launched a brand trademark in 2022 to innovate intelligent technology and create the green energy world.

Pls be kindly noted that old and new logo products will be delivered randomly during the logo upgrade period.

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More High-end BMS

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Plastic Injection Waterproof Patent Technology

Fully enclosed one-piece ABS injection technology, patented appearance waterproof, avoid BMS short circuit caused by water ingress and cause fire, etc. resulting in BMS scrapping and unable to be repaired.

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Premium Integrated Chip

Adopt IC solution, high-precision acquisition chip, voltage detection accuracy within ±0.025V, sensitive circuit detection, short circuit protection up to 250~500uS. Write the operating program independently to ensure the efficient operation of the battery and easily cope with complex solutions.

DALY Product Innovation

DALY has undergone core research and development, functional optimization, patented inventions, etc.Stage,continuous innovation,continuous breakthroughs, using product strength to say.Then, find a path that suits your own development.

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Corporate Mission

Talented person and High-end equipment

DALY BMS has more than 500 employees and more than 30 cutting-edge equipment such as high and low temperature testing machines, load meters, battery simulation testers, intelligent charging and discharging cabinets, vibration tables, and HIL test cabinets. And here we have 13 intelligent production lines and 100,000 Square meter modern factory area now, with an annual output of more than 10 million BMS.

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Scientific Research Master

Bringing together eight leaders in the research and development of lithium battery protection boards (BMS), in the fields of electronics, software, communication, structure, application, quality control, technology, materials, etc., relying on bit by bit of perseverance and hard pursuit, cast a higher-end BMS.

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