Standard LTO BMS 5S 10S 15S 20S 25S, 30S 10A-250A common port

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At present, there are few BMS companies on the market that provide BMS for Li-ion lithium battery, LiFePo4 battery lithium and LTO battery lithium at the same time, and luckily, Daly can provide these three types at the same time. If you are using or planning to use the LiFePO4 BMS, please come to Daly which provides standard LTO BMS 5S, 10S, 15S, 20S, 25S, and 30S.

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Product Parameters

High-end BMS


Waterproof BMS

When using BMS, you may encounter the problems of moisturing and water-ingress, at this time,  you can look for Daly BMS which can successfully avoid these problems. Due to the use of plastic injection technology, Daly BMS can make you no longer worry about "water-ingress" through fully enclosed one-piece ABS injection molding.


Truly Intelligent BMS

Only by realizing high-precision detection and high-sensitivity response to voltage and current, the BMS can achieve great protection for lithium batteries. Daly standard BMS adopts IC solution, with high-precision acquisition chip, sensitive circuit detection and independently written operation program, to achieve voltage accuracy within ±0.025V and short-circuit protection of 250~500us to ensure the efficient operation of the battery and easily handle complex solutions.

For main controlling chip, its flash capacity up to 256/512K. It has the advantages of chip integrated timer, CAN, ADC, SPI, I2C, USB, URAT and other peripheral functions, low power consumption, sleep shutdown and standby modes.

In Daly, we have 2 DAC with 12-bit and 1us conversion time (up to 16 input channels).


High quality components of DALY BMS

In terms of hardwares, every component of the Daly intelligent BMS comes from excellent suppliers with stable cooperation to ensure that every small screw is of high quality. In addition, we have ingenious and advanced components such as high-current copper plates and corrugated and copper plate high-current design which can help BMS withstand the impact of high current. With all these efforts, Daly BMS has become a well-known hard-core BMS in the market.


Hundreds of engineers provide intimate service

Daly professional engineers are here to provide one-on-one technical support and service. With deep theoretical and rich experience, our experts can solve customers' all kind of problems within 24 hours.


Strong production capacity

Daly has an annual output of more than 10 million pieces of various types of BMS, and the conventional inventory is sufficient. For customized products, from the customer's order to proofing, mass production, and final delivery, we can quickly deliver them within the deadline. Make sure that our customers can use high-end BMS in the shortest time.


Cover a variety of applications

DALY BMS can be applied to various application scenarios such as electric two-wheelers, tricycles, low-speed four-wheelers, AGV forklifts, tourist vehicles, RV energy storage, solar street lights, household energy storage, outdoor energy storage,and base stations, etc.


Technological enterprise led by technological innovation

Technological innovation is the core competitiveness of Daly BMS, the foundation of Daly enterprises, and the key reason why customers choose Daly products. Daly will maintain high investment in research and development, and tirelessly create more satisfactory and reliable high-end BMS for customers.


Corporate Mission

Innovate intelligent technology to create a clean and green energy world.


Professional scientific research leaders

Daly has several leaders in the field of lithium BMS research and development. They continue to deepen and improve in the fields of electronics, software, communication, structure, application, quality control, technology, materials, etc. While leading the development of Daly, they also make great contributions to the advancement of industry technology. They are the pioneer forces that support Daly to create higher-end BMS.


Daly BMS is being used all over the world

Up to now, Daly BMS has created value for customers in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.


participate in large-scale exhibitions

India Exhibition / Hong Kong Electronics Fair China Import and Export Exhibition


Patent Certification

DALY BMS has obtained a number of patents and certifications at home and aboard.


Purchase Notes

DALY company engaged in R&D, design, production, processing, sales and after-sales maintenance of Standard and smart BMS, professional manufacturers with complete industrial chain, strong technical accumulation and outstanding brand reputation, focusing on create "more advanced BMS", strictly carry out quality inspection on each product, obtain the recognition from customers around the world.

Please view and confirm the product parameters and details page information carefully before purchasing, contact with online customer service if have any doubts and questions. To make sure you are buying the correct and suitable product for your use.

Return and exchange instructions

Firstly, Please carefully check whether it is consistent with the ordered BMS after receiving the goods.

Please operate in strict accordance with the instruction manual and the guidance of customer service personnel when installing the BMS. If the BMS does not work or is damaged due to misoperation without following the instructions and customer service instructions, customer need to pay for repair or replacement.

please contact customer service personnel if have any questions.

Delivery Notes

Ships within three days when in stock(Except holidays).

Immediate production and customization are subject to consultation with customer service.

Shipping options: Alibaba online shipping and customer's choice(FEDEX, UPS,DHL,DDP or economic channels..)


Product warranty: 1 year.

Usage Tips

1. The BMS is a professional accessory. Many operating errors will result in product damage, so please follow the instructions manual or wiring video tutorial for compliance operation.

2. Strictly forbidden to reversely connect the B- and P- cables of the BMS,forbidden to confuse wiring.

3.Li-ion, LiFePO4 and LTO BMS are not universal and incompatible, mixed use is strictly prohibited.

4.BMS only be used on battery packs with the same strings.

5.It is strictly forbidden to use the BMS for over-current situation and unreasonably configure the BMS. Please consult customer service if you don't know how to choose the BMS correctly.

6. Standard BMS are prohibited from being used in series or in parallel connection. Please consult customer service for details if it is necessary to use in parallel or series connection.

7. Forbidden to disassemble the BMS without permission during use. The BMS does not enjoy the warranty policy after privately dismantling.

8. Our BMS has waterproof function. Because of these pins are metal, forbidden to soak in water to avoid oxidation damage.

9. Lithium battery pack needs to be equipped with dedicated lithium battery

charger, other chargers cannot be mixed to avoid voltage instability etc. lead to the breakdown of the MOS tube.

10.Strictly forbidden to revise the special parameters of Smart BMS without

permission. Pls contact customer service if you need to modify it. After-sales service cannot be provided if the BMS was be damaged or locked due to unauthorized parameters modification.

11. The use scenarios of the DALY BMS include: Electric two-wheeled bicycle,

forklifts, tourist vehicles, E-tricycles, low speed Four-wheeler, RV energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, home and outdoor energy storage and etc. If the BMS needs to be used in special conditions or purposes, as well as customized parameters or functions, please consult customer service in advance.

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