DALY Pack parallel BMS matching instructions(1A)

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DALY PACK Parallel BMS Pack Parallel Module+BMS=Pack Parallel BMS Realize safe parallel connection of lithium battery pack.Suitable for Li-ion 3S/LifePo4 4S(12V)/30A-60A BMS, and 1A PACK Parallel BMS.

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Pack Parallel Module+BMS=Pack Parallel BMS
Realize safe parallel connection of lithium battery pack.Suitable for Li-ion 3S/LifePo4 4S(12V)/30A-60A BMS, and 1A PACK Parallel BMS.


More power in safe parallel

Active balancing technology allows the same type of lithium battery packs with the same number of series to safely connect more power in parallel.


The High-Precision Chips and Functions

Only by realizing high-precision detection and high-sensitivity response to voltage and current, the BMS can achieve great protection for lithium batteries. Daly standard BMS adopts IC solution, with high-precision acquisition chip, sensitive circuit detection and independently written operation program, to achieve voltage accuracy within ±0.025V and short-circuit protection of 250~500us to ensure the efficient operation of the battery and easily handle complex solutions.

For main controlling chip, its flash capacity up to 256/512K. It has the advantages of chip integrated timer, CAN, ADC, SPI, I2C, USB, URAT and other peripheral functions, low power consumption, sleep shutdown and standby modes.

In Daly, we have 2 DAC with 12-bit and 1us conversion time (up to 16 input channels)


Avoid high current shock

 Limit the Max charging current, effectively prevent high-voltage battery pack charge to low-voltage battery pack by high current shocks.


Bluetooth Smart Communication

Connect the BMS through the mobile phone Blue-tooth APP, monitor the battery data in real time, and set the relevant parameter values (monomer voltage, total voltage, temperature, power, alarm information, charge and discharge switch, etc.).


Intelligent Control Of Parallel Battery Packs

Through communication protocol and external components, the running data of parallel battery pack can be presented to the display device in real time, and related parameters can be viewed or set.


Precharge Resistor Optimized Power-on Sequence

BMS is equipped with a precharge resistor to pr-event the power-on current from being too large and short-circuit, and prevent the BMS from being damaged by the super capacitor.


Unique TVS

Prevent high pressure shock
The unique TVS realizes faster over-voltage protection, effectively clamps the surge voltage, prevents reverse voltage from impacting the MOS, and makes the overall performance of the BMS reliable and strong.


Advantages Of Parallel Lithium Battery Pack

Innovate intelligent technology to create a clean and green energy world.


Selected High-quality Parts

Behind every inconspicuous detail, there is quality ingenuity, and the texture can be seen everywhere.


Wide application field

DALY PACK parallel BMS has powerful functions. Suitable for various lithium battery application scenarios in power, energy storage and other fields.


Product Specification

 Easily select for parallel module.


Product Parameters

PACK parallel BMS parameters list


PACK Parallel BMS dimensions table


PACK parallel BMS wiring diagram

Please select the corresponding wiring method according to the purchased model.
Wiring method of 1A parallel module.
The 1A parallel protector has only one wire outlet, and there are 5 wires in total. It is only necessary to combine the 5 wires and connect them to the corresponding DO port of the BMS.


PACK parallel battery pack wiring diagram


1.PACK parallel protective board consists of two parts:
The BMS+parallel protector,that is,each PACK that needs parallel. The two must be included.
2.The detailed wiring method of the protective board view the wiring map of the protective board.
3.Wiring Precautions
Method 1
(the BMS and the parallel BMS module wire are not connected):After the BMS is assembled, when the parallel BMS module is connected to the BMS, first connect the parallel BMS modules P-wire to the BMS (the common port is connected to the BMS P-wire, and the separate port is connected to the BMS C- wire), and then connect B-and B+ in turn.After the wire is connected,first plug the BMS and parallel BMS module ports, then the B+ port, and plug the control signal wire to the protection board finally
Method 2
(BMS and parallel BMS module lines are connected): first plug the BMS and parallel BMS module ports, then plug into the B+ port, and finally plug into the control signal line to the BMS;
※Please strictly follow the above two methods for wiring, please operate in sequence if the wiring sequence is reversing, it will cause damage to the parallel BMS module.
4.The BMS and parallel BMS modules must be used together and can't be mixed using. Wiring should be done according to the purc-hased parallel BMS module corresponding to the current.
Corporate Mission
Innovate intelligent technology and create the green energy world.


Professional Technical Support

A strong team of 100 engineers to provides professional one-to-one technical support and services. Standard questions will solve within 24h to provide customers with considerate service.


Strong Production Capacity Annual output of various types of BMS more than 10 million.

Purchase Notes


DALY company engaged in R&D, design, production, processing, sales and after-sales maintenance of Standard and smart BMS, professional manufacturers with complete industrial chain, strong technical accumulation and outstanding brand reputation, focusing on create "more advanced BMS", strictly carry out quality inspection on each product, obtain the recognition from customers around the world.
Please view and confirm the product parameters and details page information carefully before purchasing, contact with online customer service if have any doubts and questions. To make sure you are buying the correct and suitable product for your use.

Return and exchange instructions

1.Firstly, Please carefully check whether it is consistent with the ordered BMS after receiving the goods.
2.Please operate in strict accordance with the instruction manual and the guidance of customer service personnel when installing the BMS. If the BMS does not work or is damaged due to misoperation without following the instructions and customer service instructions, customer need to pay for repair or replacement.
3.please contact customer service personnel if have any questions.

Delivery Notes

1.Ships within three days when in stock(Except holidays).
2.Immediate production and customization are subject to consultation with customer service.
3.Shipping options: Alibaba online shipping and customer's choice(FEDEX, UPS,DHL,DDP or economic channels..)


Product warranty: 1 year.

Usage tips

1. The BMS is a professional accessory. Many operating errors will result in
product damage, so please follow the instructions manual or wiring video tutorial for compliance operation.
2. Strictly forbidden to reversely connect the B- and P- cables of the BMS,
forbidden to confuse wiring.
3.Li-ion, LiFePO4 and LTO BMS are not universal and incompatible, mixed
use is strictly prohibited.
4.BMS only be used on battery packs with the same strings.
5.It is strictly forbidden to use the BMS for over-current situation and unreasonably configure the BMS. Please consult customer service if you don't know how to choose the BMS correctly.
6. Standard BMS are prohibited from being used in series or in parallel connection. Please consult customer service for details if it is necessary to use in parallel or series connection.
7. Forbidden to disassemble the BMS without permission during use. The BMS does not enjoy the warranty policy after privately dismantling.
8. Our BMS has waterproof function. Because of these pins are metal, forbidden to soak in water to avoid oxidation damage.
9. Lithium battery pack needs to be equipped with dedicated lithium battery
charger, other chargers cannot be mixed to avoid voltage instability etc. lead to the breakdown of the MOS tube.
10.Strictly forbidden to revise the special parameters of Smart BMS without
permission. Pls contact customer service if you need to modify it. After-sales service cannot be provided if the BMS was be damaged or locked due to unauthorized parameters modification.
11. The use scenarios of the DALY BMS include: Electric two-wheeled bicycle,
forklifts, tourist vehicles, E-tricycles, low speed Four-wheeler, RV energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, home and outdoor energy storage and etc. If the BMS needs to be used in special conditions or purposes, as well as customized parameters or functions, please consult customer service in advance.

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